Spectacular Skiing


Skiing is a hobby I love . I have been skiing for 3 years and I am getting better every year.

Last year I did my first double black diamond. they are the hardest runs on the mountain. most of the double black diamond are in the out back because the out back as more difficult terrain. but it is worth it because there’re a lot of natural jumps and cliffs  . I like skiing in powder and skiing in the park. the park has jumps and rails and other obstacles. I don’t ski at the park a lot when it snows  because that means the other runs would have lots of snow.

When there is a lot of fresh snow on the mountain it is called powder. It is so fun to ski in powder because it feels like you’r skiing on clouds. The skis that I want to get are K2 Shreditors I hope to get them one day because they are super light .

My favorite skier is Sean Pettit. he is a freestyle skier from Ottawa Canada. he is now sponsored by K2, RedBull, and Oakley.

I would also like to try snowboarding one day because I have only tried it once it is really hard . Thank you for reading this post

Happy Blogging,

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2 thoughts on “Spectacular Skiing

  1. Gabi

    Hey Braxton!
    I didn’t know you skied! I tried it once but could barely even move without falling over. It’s worth a shot trying it again, but snowboarding sounds fun, too.
    You must be really good at skiing to be able to do the Double Black Diamond. That’s amazing you can do one of the hardest runs on the mountain when you only started skiing three years ago.
    You must be excited the mountain is opening up soon! I sure am, I love running around and flopping into the big piles of snow.
    Happy blogging!

    1. Braxton Post author

      Hi Gabi
      I am really exited to ski this year but I don’t think I will get to do much skiing because I am doing rep hockey this year and we have games every weekend . When I first tried skiing I also fell over a lot . But after one or two times I got the hang of it.

      Happy Blogging, Braxton


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