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It is almost the end of the year now and we have 14 more days left. I have had fun this year going to camp and other field trips. and I am exited to go on our beach day and to the swimming pool. Over the summer i am going to a bunch of hockey camps that I am really exited for. I am also going camping with my friend for three days and we are planning do go tubing and fishing. One of my favorite places to go swimming in the summer is barbers hole it is a really popular place in Puntlage river that has cliffs to jump off and two ropes swings. After i do all these fun activities I will Head off to high school and try new things.


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Basketball is a game that I have been playing since I was seven, going to camps in the summer and playing 21 in my drive way.  Now I am playing on my school team against other schools in our district . We have only won one game but it is still fun and I am exited for our tournament tomorrow. We play at the most 3 games against good teams  so wish us luck.

 Other then playing Basketball I also like watching it. I have only been to one game when I was younger at the phoenix suns arena it was very fun hanging out with my family and watching the game. Now I enjoy watching the Los Angeles Lakers on my TV my favorite player is Lonzo Ball Because he is fast, skilled, and tall another thing that makes him a good player is his teamwork he knows where his teammates are at all moments .

Lonzo Ball  has two brothers,  Lamelo Ball & Liangelo Ball they are both playing  for Vytautas team in Lithuania.  The ball family  has a clothing company named Big Baller Brand it is also know as BBB.  They  have a TV show Ball in the family which witch shows their  there family doing day to day things and highlights of the three boys playing basket ball in Lithuania.  that’s it for my >>>Basketball post. Hope you enjoyed                                                                                                                                LaMelo Ball, left, and his brother, LiAngelo, could make their professional debuts Tuesday with BC Prienu Vytautas in Lithuania.

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Death in Space

Suddenly as Ronald had water falls drifting down his face. the space ship was over heating, his face was as red a cooked tomato the heat was slowly rising over 50 degrees. But as he looked in front of him heat wasn’t the only problem there was there was a massive meteorite flying right between his eyes going 72km he only had one choice to do and there was only 1% chance of him living. He put on his helmet with seconds left till the meteorite hit him then he said his goodbyes and opened the window. He fiercely got vacuumed out as quickly as the speed of sound.

Where I Live

Beautiful British Columbia. I live in the Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

I love it here. There are oceans, mountains, rivers, and lakes. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Although there is so much to do hear I spend most of my time at the hockey rink, waking up at 5:00 AM to go to practice. I also enjoy going to our local Junior B hockey games with my friends and ordering warm fries for $3.50. They usually lose but at least they have good food.

On the days that I’m not at the hockey rink I will probably be skiing in the powder on our local mountain Mount Washington The mountain that we have is what brings the people from up and down the island in the winter to Comox Valley because Mount WashingtonImage result iis a great place to ski snowboard and sled. but if your lucky enough to come here in the summer you can mountain bike and hike to lakes . After skiing I love going to >>>there restaurant and having a nice meal and hot chocolate.

Another special place I like to go is the Puntledge River. I mostly go here in the fall to fish for salmon and stand in the freezing water with my waders. But is also is just as great in the summer to tube down with my friends and family. One of my favorite things to do when we are tubing is to jump off the cliffs because I like the feel of adrenaline when it rushes up your body.

What are the places that you love most about where you live?

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Under the Rug

Two weeks passed and it happened again when Peter fiercely grabbed the old wooden and struck the carpet again and again like he was trying to kill the unknown creature.

Bang, bang, bang!!! As the lamps and paintings fell in a high pitched crash, the unknown creature struck side to side dodging the chair. The action packed living room was heard by the whole neighborhood. One after another paintings shattered vases crashed and still the unknown creature was alive.

Because this wasn’t the first time they met, Peter wanted to end him right then and right there.

The Man on the Curb

A man sitting on the curb
The only thing around him was loneliness

At night the only thing near him was darkness
He begged every day in the frosty, cold weather
He wished for a warm place to call his home

The man has a name and a family
But they are unknown to the eyes that look at him

He has love in his heart
He deserves more than what he has

A smile to him can make his day

Working together
We can make a difference
To help those in need


Spectacular Skiing


Skiing is a hobby I love . I have been skiing for 3 years and I am getting better every year.

Last year I did my first double black diamond. they are the hardest runs on the mountain. most of the double black diamond are in the out back because the out back as more difficult terrain. but it is worth it because there’re a lot of natural jumps and cliffs  . I like skiing in powder and skiing in the park. the park has jumps and rails and other obstacles. I don’t ski at the park a lot when it snows  because that means the other runs would have lots of snow.

When there is a lot of fresh snow on the mountain it is called powder. It is so fun to ski in powder because it feels like you’r skiing on clouds. The skis that I want to get are K2 Shreditors I hope to get them one day because they are super light .

My favorite skier is Sean Pettit. he is a freestyle skier from Ottawa Canada. he is now sponsored by K2, RedBull, and Oakley.

I would also like to try snowboarding one day because I have only tried it once it is really hard . Thank you for reading this post

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Evgeni Malkin: Super Scorer

Most Valuable

Did you know Evgeni Malkin was leading in points in the 2016/2017 NHL stats for playoffs?

Evgeni Malkin is a Russian  professional  hockey player who came to America in 2003 to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHLHe currently wears number 71 he has won 2  Stanley cups in the last recent  years. Winning the Stanley cup twice in a row is really good because some NHL teams still haven’t won the Stanley cup. 

Evgeni Malkin is a risk taker because he came to America in 2003 without knowing much English. It must have been hard for him to fit in to America and with teammates. The first game he played in the NHL was probably very different than what he played in Russia.  

I think Evgeni Malkin is creative  because he never does the same move.  every time he has to adjust what he does in every play.  He is always trying different moves that nobody has tried before. 

Evgeni Malkin is collaborative because he must pass the puck and work as team members  to make scoring chances. Evgeni Malkin is the assistant captain of the Pittsburgh  Penguins so he has to lead his team by example.   

Evgeni Malkin is always positive in what he does. I think he is a great person in general , as well as being collaborative, creative , and a risk taker.  

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