Granville Island Mariano Mantel via Compfight

I see a sunny day in in the beautiful city where boats are coming in and out with a fluttering Canadian flag. It’s a place that lots of people come to see, with buildings in the background high in the blue sky and a bridge over the channel for cars to cross.

What do you see?


6 thoughts on “Weather

  1. Nathan

    Hello Braxton
    I also see blue sky’s to and a nice view of the boats, I see a crain in the background working on buildings, I see tourists looking at the beautiful view.
    What city is this?
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Nathan

    1. Braxton Post author

      Hello Nathan
      I don’t know what city it is I haven’t seen this picture before like a lot of other picture post but I will do some research and try to find where it is. did you see any thing else

      Happy Blogging, Braxton

  2. ManjotK

    Dear Daxton,

    I love your blog! I see everything you see but there is one thing left out which is… a beutiful board walk for people to enjoy the beautiful sea. Come check out my blog and finish my short story!


    1. Braxton Post author

      Hi ManjotK thanks for the complements I didn’t think about the beautiful board walk and the sea. I will make sure to come visit your Blog. by the time you see this I probably have already commented on your Blog. Happy Blogging ,Braxton

  3. Briana

    Hi Braxton,
    I see a bright blue ocean with people just getting back from a beautiful day out on the water fishing or something like that. The tourists and people who live there all outside watching the beautiful ocean waves. That’s what I see. I hope you have an awesome day bye!

    1. Braxton Post author

      Hi Briana
      Thank you for commenting .I don’t know what the people on the water would be doing probably something fun. I wonder where they are because i’v never seen that picture before.

      Happy Blogging, Braxton


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