Basketball is a game that I have been playing since I was seven, going to camps in the summer and playing 21 in my drive way.  Now I am playing on my school team against other schools in our district . We have only won one game but it is still fun and I am exited for our tournament tomorrow. We play at the most 3 games against good teams  so wish us luck.

 Other then playing Basketball I also like watching it. I have only been to one game when I was younger at the phoenix suns arena it was very fun hanging out with my family and watching the game. Now I enjoy watching the Los Angeles Lakers on my TV my favorite player is Lonzo Ball Because he is fast, skilled, and tall another thing that makes him a good player is his teamwork he knows where his teammates are at all moments .

Lonzo Ball  has two brothers,  Lamelo Ball & Liangelo Ball they are both playing  for Vytautas team in Lithuania.  The ball family  has a clothing company named Big Baller Brand it is also know as BBB.  They  have a TV show Ball in the family which witch shows their  there family doing day to day things and highlights of the three boys playing basket ball in Lithuania.  that’s it for my >>>Basketball post. Hope you enjoyed                                                                                                                                LaMelo Ball, left, and his brother, LiAngelo, could make their professional debuts Tuesday with BC Prienu Vytautas in Lithuania.

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