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My name is Braxton. I am 12 years old and in Grade seven. I live in the Comox Valley. I have five people in my family, one dog and five fish. Some of the things that I like to do are playing hockey and lacrosse. I also like to fish and scooter. Some of my other hobbies in the winter are skiing and sledding down hills with my friends.

One of my favorite hobbies is fishing. My favorite place to go fishing is the river. I love fishing at the river because there are so many fish. I’ve been doing a lot of fishing when the salmon have been going up the river. I catch and then release them.

My family and I like to travel a lot. Some of the places I have been include Mexico, Africa, France, Hawaii, Norway, Finland and California. My favorite place I have traveled is by far Africa. It was very interesting how different the cultures are around the world. It was very cool seeing the animals that are there. We can only see those animals at the zoo.

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10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Gabi

    Hi Braxton!
    You’ve been so many places around the world! That must’ve been so much fun! I’ve been across Canada before, and it was such an amazing experience, so I can only imagine what travelling around the world would be like.
    I didn’t know you do fishing! Do you fish at the Puntledge river? What kinds of fish have you caught?
    Happy blogging!

    1. Braxton Post author

      Hi Gabi
      I haven’t been many places around Canada But I hope to go to Waterloo Ontario to see my sister in university. The type of fish I catch at Puntledge river are salmon I also like to fish in the lake and fly fish for trout.

      Happy Blogging ,Braxton

  2. Olivia

    Hey Braxton!
    I never knew that you went to so many places in the world. When you went to California, did you go to Disneyland? I went last Christmas, my favourite ride was thunder mountain. I have gone fishing a couple times with my grandparents and enjoyed it, but since neither my dad or mom fishes….. I haven’t gone in a super long time. What’s the biggest fish I’ve ever caught? Your avatar looks great by the way!

  3. Nathan

    Hello Braxton
    I have two dogs and four fish, m dogs names are Meeka and Stella, Meeka is seven years old and Stella is 1 and a half years old.
    I like playing soccer and basketball, I like running n soccer and dunking in basketball, I also like fishing to, my favorite place to fish is the river to, I usually catch Pinks and Springs and Coho.
    I’ve always wanted to go to Africa or Hawaii, they look so fun to go to and relax, I’ve always wanted to see the animals in person in Africa.
    Have you been to the Vancouver aquarium?
    There’s so many cool fish there like belugas, I liked looking at the penguins there it was awesome, it was a fun experience.
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Nathan

    1. Braxton Post author

      Hi Nathan
      my dogs name is Kona he’s seven years old. I also like to play basketball and run I like to play soccer at school but I have never played in a league.My favorite place to fish is also the river my favorite fish to catch at the river is coho I like how shiny they are. I love going to the aquarium in Vancouver but I always get scared thinking about what would happen if the glass broke in the big fish tanks

      Happy Blogging ,Braxton

  4. Jaben

    Hi Braxton, it’s Jaben.
    I like fishing too! My Dad has a little 14 foot aluminum boat. we usually troll but I like to jig. one time I cot at least 10 rock fish, there fun to fight but salmon are way more fun to fight. visit my blog at http://jabenzz25.edublogs.org
    Over and out Jaben.

  5. Quinn

    Hi Braxton
    I just started to play hockey this year, How many years have you been doing hockey?
    I love to fish, I have only ever caught 1salmon but 9 cod.
    That’s pretty cool that you have traveled to all of those country’s, what was your favorite memory.
    I have never gone to any other country’s out of north America.
    – Quinn

    1. Braxton Post author

      Hi Quinn
      I think it is great that you are playing hockey now its a great sport to play. I have been playing hockey for 8 years. I have never caught a big cod I have caught a couple little cod though. what is the biggest fish you have caught the biggest fish I have caught was a 22 pound salmon

      Happy Blogging, Braxton


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